A long time ago, in a university far, far away... two strangers were introduced during freshers' week by a mutual acquaintance...

They decided that they wanted to take over the world, and to do this they would need to form a rock band. They also decided to get the tequilas in and that was about the end of the world domination idea for a few years.

Fast-forward to 2013 and Titans & Kings have risen out of the ashes of Spy's old uni band, Ignorance Of A Rival. The two strangers, now brothers-in-arms, realised that they needed a vehicle with which to promote their bands merch and music. Half Naked Records was thus born.

In early 2013, plans were set in motion to transform HNR from “just one band’s merch website” into a fully independent clothing and music company, supplying their own, fashionable, “Half Naked” brand apparel whilst at the same time, championing several unsigned bands – many of whom are friends of the label.

We love what we do because we love the people we do it with. Read into that what you will, but we really do love this scene, the artists, the music they create. It’s inspirational to see how many bands struggle daily with their art against unfavourable odds, and still manage to have a great time on the journey.

Nick n Spy
Half Naked apparel tries to represent this moment when
 musicians forget about toil and graft, and just cut loose
and party hard.

Welcome to the party. \m/

Nick and Spy x