We wanted to set up a cool merch line for our band right from the start, but we had no idea how expensive it would end up being. Paying friends for a design, ordering t-shirts and selling them at gigs and on our own website didn't raise our profile or enough money, so we bashed our heads together and came up with a better idea.

We decided that bands in the same situation should collaborate, driving traffic to each other's merchandise on a centralised webstore (and hopefully sharing some fans along the way!). 

We strongly believe that we can create a family of artists that is able to pool resources and deliver a better deal to all members. We get ripped off enough in this industry.

Thus Half Naked Records was born.

Able to help and support upcoming and unsigned bands with their merchandise design, stock, sales and distribution, we provide an affordable "total merchandise management solution".

Through collaboration with designers, manufacturers and a pooled advertising fund we can offer better rates on packages for bands looking to promote and distribute their merch to a larger fan base.

Our costs are fixed, so we ask for a small £5 monthly fee to:
- Host your products on our site
- Look after your stock and inventory
- Take sales through our secure site
- Send out orders
- Pay you your profits monthly via electronic transfer
- Keep you updated about stock
- AND place regular adverts for the store in targeted publications and online.

In short, we do all the work for you! Check out our packages below:

Package 1 - Design, Print, Stock, Promote
For if you need the whole shabang

We have a database of excellent designers ready to take on the challenge of representing your band. Look through their portfolios and choose which one you would prefer to design your product.

Remember that the more colours that you have, the more it costs to print.

£330 50x 1 colour t-shirts
(£6.60 per tee)

Package 2 - Print, Stock, Promote
If you already have a design

Through our collaboration with screen printers we have established beneficial rates for our bands. The rates below include the photography and web setup costs, and also promotion costs.
£240 50 x 1 Colour
£295 50 x 2 Colour
£325 50 x 3 Colour
£375 50 x 4 Colour

Package 3 - Stock, Promote
If you already have merchandise that you just need advertising and distributing.

To keep the same look and feel across our family, we will still need to photograph your merch with our models.

Please note that prices are per product (although this can include a mens and womens option) and inclusive of VAT.